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Photo shoot

Today I had my very first photo shoot with a professional photographer Peter Caron who lives right here in Denmark WA. I was very impressed with the results and I got some awesome feedback from friends on my Facebook page.  I have to say I quite enjoyed the studio experience too with bright lights and a camera flashing every second, it was a lot of fun. Here’s an example of some of the shots he took.


If you live in Denmark WA and want some professional photos taken check out Peter’s website


Club Acoustica, Scarborough, WA

I went up to Perth to play at three different venues for three nights in a row and called it my “Mini Metro” tour. I love going up to Perth to play because it’s as scary as and I meet lots of different people and it’s great for polishing my performance skills.  There’s nothing like a bit of fear to fine tune the guitar skills and to help lock in the songs.  I played at Club Acoustic at the on the Wednesday night and then The Defectors Bar in Mt Lawley on Thursday night and the Wanneroo Folk Club on the Friday night. I had a great 4 days and I just loved playing to a different audience each night.  MMMMmmm I think it’s time to organise another road trip to the big smoke.

Club Acoustica April 2016

Club Acoustica April 2016


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