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Bulletin article

It was great to have an article about my “Break of the Day” album launch in our local newspaper. Patricia Gill did a lovely job of putting into words some of the important things about my musical journey over the past 4 years or so. This article also brings me closer to the pending launch which I am feeling quite nervous about.  I have become quite used to performing with others, playing covers and originals and generally having fun with music but this is about me and my own songs which is so much more confronting.

Denmark Bulletin April 28th 2016

Denmark Bulletin April 28th 2016



Elleker General Store and Tavern, 1309 Lower Denmark Rd, Elleker WA 6330

The Elleker General Store and Tavern is a great spot to go with your family any day especially lunchtimes.  They have great pub grub at very reasonable prices and from on Sundays from 12.30 -2.30pm they have live music.  Glenda and Mal have been supporting live music for the past 3 years which is very much appreciated by locals and visitors alike.  I love playing there and I feel very much appreciated and valued as a local musician.  Next time you are taking a drive from Albany WA to Denmark WA why not take the Lower Denmark Road and check them out.

Women of War video

This song was a response to the Anzac commemorations that occur every year during April in Australia; the movies, stories, events based around the diggers who fought in the wars. My intention was to highlight the “Women of War” the ones left behind to hold “the fort”, work in the munitions factories and on the land etc. The ones who had to evacuate their kids far away from home. I have spent half my life in the UK and the other half in Australia so this project is a mix of the stories from the UK and the stories heard here in Australia. Thank you for viewing and listening. If you want to see more please check out my YouTube page.

Break of the Day Album Launch

Here’s a date for the diary Saturday 14th May 3-5pm. I’m going to be doing an album launch and it will be me playing songs from my Album “Break of the Day” and some songs from my EP and I’ll probably throw in a few of my favourite covers. It’s going to be entry by donation and there will be a cuppa and cake available and I’m sure a sneaky beverage to sip on will be ok too.


Photo shoot

Today I had my very first photo shoot with a professional photographer Peter Caron who lives right here in Denmark WA. I was very impressed with the results and I got some awesome feedback from friends on my Facebook page.  I have to say I quite enjoyed the studio experience too with bright lights and a camera flashing every second, it was a lot of fun. Here’s an example of some of the shots he took.


If you live in Denmark WA and want some professional photos taken check out Peter’s website


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