Birthday update!


Yep! tomorrow it’s my BIRTHDAY so I decided to centre this update around that folks! 😁  It’s not even a big birthday but what the heck who needs an excuse. 😂

Tomorrow February 18th I am releasing a new track “Pledge my Soul”.

This song has been in the making for quite an extended period of time but I am happy with the end result and very excited about releasing it now. Each of my works in the past few years have been created in response to my dismay at the situation that has been unfolding for the past 9 years with regards to the refugees detained, some offshore and some here in Australia. For those of you who have been following my story you would be aware that I visited Manus Island twice and that I have created strong connections with many of the refugees who were detained there. I have also engaged in activism on many levels to push for a change in the policy, and to put pressure on the government to release the refugees. They are all very sick and extremely traumatised from the harsh treatment of detention for so many years. So “Pledge my Soul” is my offering this time.  David Hyams is the mastermind behind the production including that awesome slide guitar that you can hear and thanks to Gregory Brenton for the great drum tracks.



I have been fortunate enough to have participated in a the Women in Music mentorship program organised by Australian Independent Recording Label and I must say it has really helped me to keep my head above water during this very difficult time. I have participated in many online workshops but most importantly I was offered a real life mentor Angie Hart. She has been such a great support and instrumental in my new motivation to continue on this journey I started 11 years ago. We talk once a month and about everything musical and all the issues we face as women artists, of a certain age, in an industry very much dominated by men. I find the conversations liberating and inspiring. Liberating because I suddenly feel like I am not alone and that the thoughts and feelings that I often hold about myself are very common, bordering normal for all artists. Eureka what a revelation 😍

Much of our talk also includes the concept authenticity because as an artist and musician, it can be very easy to be lead down a creative path that that is not inline with our truth. I constantly find myself asking is this really what I want, or am I just being swept up in a moment, of what others may expect from me or what I think I want?

Another way this issue comes up is in the recording studio, but it is a different format. When I go into a studio with producers or musicians who are more experienced than I am, I tend to hand over the power to them, because I think their ideas are better, because they have the experience of course. They obviously do have far more technical ability than I do but their ideas are theirs. So when it comes to creativity I really need to stand with my own ideas, because they are authentic to me, and that authenticity is what I am trying to achieve.

Having said this I need to point out that in my early years of writing and recording songs I absolutely needed the guidance, expertise and creative ideas from those around me who had more experience. I will be forever grateful to my mentor who supported me unconditionally throughout the first 8 yrs of this journey, he taught me how to trust myself when it came to my art.

So that’s where I am now, ready to forge my own path and stay solid in my creative process and follow through to the very end, that which I want to achieve. Like many musicians and artists I tend to doubt my abilities, this phenomenon is often called the “imposters syndrome”. I have spent a lifetime trying to shake off those doubts. Talking to Angie really does help me to understand that it’s absolutely normal for many artists which is a huge relief. So with all that in mind there’s no excuses now, so gloves on and sleeves up and on with the work. 


The last thing to report on this update is my new video. I had an idea for the video but I had no idea how I was going to make it come together. In the end I bought a small stand to hold my phone, then taped it to a speaker so that I could have it hovered above the paper I wrote on. I took lots of short videos of my hand, writing the lyrics and kaboom here it is folks!



  1. Warren Barrington

    Nicely paced and a good rhythm with clear lyrics, I like your handwriting of the lyrics, I think that helps reinforce the message.

    1. dawn (Post author)

      Thank you Warren, I had this thing about writing the lyrics and wasn’t sure why but I think you are right it was reinforcing the message.


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