Nothing is something worth doing

The above very wise words were written on the dunny wall of my Denmark WA home by a member of one of my favourite bands Kallidad (Thanks Tom Raven). I love it because it gives me permission to do nothing and feel ok about it…..for me it is also acknowledging that time spent “doing nothing” is important time, time for consolidation of ideas and time to recharge for the next venture. Why am I opening with this paragraph? Well because I feel like I haven’t done much in the past few months and needed to feel ok about it….not that I need an excuse of course…or do I? It’s the ongoing mind chatter when you are an artist…”I really should be doing more….but I am stuck……now I’m giving myself a hard time….but I need time to ……NO ACTUALLY IT’S SPACE I need” and so the conversation goes on and on. 


Now that’s out the way let’s take a look at what has been happening the past few months. I went to Sydney for a couple of weeks break to catch up with a friend and it was my first post COVID trip so it was great to get on a plane again and head over to the East Coast. I went with one of the refugees who had been staying with me for a few months. He was offered a job opportunity in Sydney and a place to live with his friend from Manus which was fantastic! While I was there I met with another of the refugees (who had recently been released) it was amazing to meet him and to be able to support him to take some of his first steps on the outside after 8 years of incarceration.

“Music Talks” and gigs coming up

I have also been organising more “Music Talks” events for the next few months. I have been very engaged in raising awareness about the refugees that are locked up and those on temporary visas. MUSIC has become a very valuable tool to engage with the people about the issue. My most recent one was at St Pauls in Beaconsfield where we had a small but very engaged audience. Every event I do has exactly the same response……the people are horrified and can’t believe what they are hearing and want to do more to change the situation. If only I could do more of these events and to a bigger audience…….then we could really make a difference. I will continue to do these for as long as people ask and hopefully we can make a dent in the ongoing fight for change to the way this country treats refugees.

Saturday 29th May I have another event with the Nuhra Life Enrichment Centre thanks to Letitia for organising that one. I will then be doing Victoria Park Farmer’s markets on June Sunday June 6th which is just a regular booked spot so it will be nice to get out there and do a 3hr gig which I haven’t done for a long time albeit starting at 8.30 am in the morning weather pending of course….lol 

On May 14th I will be at Glyde In in East Fremantle for another “Music Talks” event. It’s a ticketed event and you can get your tickets at Glyde in.  Just go to the event called “Offshore Processing”  to book. There are only 3 tickets left so you’ll need to jump in if you want to attend.

June 22nd I am at the Leederville Songwriters club which is held at the 21st Amendment bar which is a great location in Leederville. Please get down there if you are in Perth, it’s a great live event to support. 4 songwriters showcase their creations in a beautiful intimate setting. Then Wednesday 23rd I will be catching up with Stacey Harding on Fremantle radio 107.9fm to talk about all things refugees during REFUGEE WEEK. Well I think that’s a wrap for now…..I guess there has been a bit going on in the past few months without me even realising it….lol :O)


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