“Music Talks” in Fremantle

Well things have settled a little bit in Western Australia, thankfully enough to give me an opportunity to do the “Music Talks” evening that I planned before COVID.

I will be in Fremantle at the Hamilton Hill Community Hub on Sunday July 19th at 6.30pm for one of my “Music Talks” events. I will be playing songs that I have dedicated to the refugees at every gig for the past 3 yrs. One of the songs was a collaboration with Kazem Kazemi a refugee on Manus Island last year. Kazem is an incredible guitarist and a full on metal fan, so you just need to imagine heavy metal meets folk lol. But as we all know and as Kazem told me “music is music” and it’s the passion for it that counts more than anything else. You can find him on Instagram under the profile manus_metal_man. He’s lovely guy and it was such an honour to work together to create this song.

I have an interview with Bill Hale from the Folking Around show on Fremantle radio 107.9fm on Monday 12th approx 9pm so please tune in. It’s always good when radio presenters are happy to talk about what I do with regards to refugee justice.

If you are around Perth or Freo please come and join us for an evening of music, and talk and a QandA to follow.  I look foward to seeing some new faces.






  1. mr fabulous

    Power to ya, Dawno!

    1. dawn (Post author)

      Thanks Mr Fabulous


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