“Castaway” and “Witness” Exhibition Opening Performance

On Saturday 22nd September I had a very special performance.  Ruth Halbert Textile Artist and a very good friend of mine asked me to perform at her exhibition opening for the Great Southern Art Trail.  I love performing and for the past 5 years I have been playing at a whole variety of venues from pubs to house concerts and many festivals in between and I love to entertain too whether that be with my own songs or with my favourite covers.  That is one facet of my life, however, the other facet is my social activism and my desire to be a part of social change and many of my songs relate to the things that concern me.  So to be able to play at Ruth’s Exhibition opening was the beginning

of a new era for me. I was able to weave my story and question the things that concern me, between carefully selected songs to suit the sentiment.  It was also wonderful to engage the audience in a way that created a beautiful intimate experience for all.  I’m afraid I only got one photo and here it, so it’s not a great depiction of the evening but I think you can get the gist of it.  The Sanctuary is where we did it and there is no power and only a rainwater tank and compositing loo so very much back to nature as you can see by the photo too.   It was all acoustic which too made it a very special evening.

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