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Denmark Bulletin media release

Thanks to the Denmark Bulletin for the great article last week to promote my gofundme campaign. My gofundme campaign is shaping up nicely and my producer/engineer will be arriving in a couple of weeks.  We will be setting up the studio and I have a bunch of great musicians coming on board to put down tracks for a whole bunch of new songs.  I will also be putting 4 tracks from my EP on the album which will be re mixed and re mastered.  There’s going to be 2 covers as well but I’ll keep you all in suspense on that one.

My Sydney tour is coming up very soon too! It’s only a month or so away so I will update you on that very soon and give some dates and venues.

Review from the Australia Songwriters Society – Sydney

Here’s a review from the Australian Songwriters Society where I played a few tunes at one of their show cases.  It was a lot of fun and a lovely old hotel called the Old Fitzroy Hotel in Woolloomoolloo Thanks Gavin Fitzgerald for such  a great writeup.

Australia Songwriters Society

Australia Songwriters Society

Albany Advertiser Article

It was a lovely surprise to open the Albany Advertiser to this huge almost full page photo of me the other day and just in time for my Album launch.  Jess did a great article and what fab photos by Peter Caron

Advertiser pic May 16 Advertiser text May 16Advertiser pic 2 May 16

Bulletin article

It was great to have an article about my “Break of the Day” album launch in our local newspaper. Patricia Gill did a lovely job of putting into words some of the important things about my musical journey over the past 4 years or so. This article also brings me closer to the pending launch which I am feeling quite nervous about.  I have become quite used to performing with others, playing covers and originals and generally having fun with music but this is about me and my own songs which is so much more confronting.

Denmark Bulletin April 28th 2016

Denmark Bulletin April 28th 2016